Blood Irradiation

Gamma and X-Ray irradiation prevent the ability to divide immunocompetent cells. Transmission of these cells without radiation can lead to a serious and often fatal complication in immunodeficient patients - graft versus host disease (GvHD).

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The BIOBEAM GM Series gamma irradiators are used in transfusion medicine for convenient and effective irradiation of blood, blood components and transplants, as well as in research.
A comprehensive range of accessories is available for all device types.
In our assortment we carry irradiation containers, removal aids and inserts as well as barcode readers and printers for the documentation of the irradiation process.

Maximum Performance
The particularly large irradiation volume of the model BIOBEAM GM 8000 allows the irradiation of up to 20 blood bags in a single irradiation process.
The BIOBEAM GM 8000 model has two positions for irradiation containers. Narrower radiation containers are placed closer to the radiation source, which reduces the irradiation time.

Optimal Homogeneity
The oscillation of the radiation source allows an optimal dose distribution within the total irradiation volume. A dose difference of less than 10% can be realized by using special irradiation inserts.

The operation of the BIOBEAM GM devices is comfortable and takes place exclusively via a touch screen. This allows the direct selection of irradiation programs in a simple manner. At the same time, BIOBEAM GM recognizes the irradiation container used and checks that it complies with the selected irradiation program. The touch screen enables the user to track all data and information related to the irradiation process.

Radiation Protection
The self-shielding irradiation devices BIOBEAM GM have a surface dose rate of less than 3 μSv / h.

Maximum Security
The safety features guarantee the highest level of safety, such as the monitoring system that controls and controls the irradiation time, the oscillation of the radiation source, the rotation of the irradiation container, the position of the triangular shield and the closure of the irradiation container.

Flexible Extension
BIOBEAM GM offers a variety of optional enhancements to adapt to the specific needs and needs of the customer:

  • Inserts for specific radiation tasks,
  • PC system with BB GM PRO software, barcode scanner and printer for convenient irradiation documentation,
  • Connection to a blood bank software for an optional network interface,
  • Worktable with integrated fridge

Product Return
As part of the new delivery, the device withdrawal is possible on request.


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Application areas:

Gamma irradiation of:

  • blood and blood derivatives
  • cell cultures
  • transplants.

Other applications:

Radiobiological research (after radiation):

  • in vitro study of radiosensitivity of peripheral or modulating blood cells
  • determination of histocompatibility by examination of lymphocyte culture
  • investigation of the molecular mechanism in diseases related to a defect of the enzyme system

Standard features:
Self-shielding GSR C1 contains up to 4 Cs-137 radiation sources with a maximum total activity of 189 TBq. The half-life of Cs-137 is 30.2 years.

Radiation protection:
The dose rate is less than 5 μSv / h on the housing surface of the irradiation device.

Customer Service:

  • maintenance
  • dosimetry
  • testing of medical electrical equipment according to EN 62353 (DIN VDE 0751-1)

The radiotherapy device will be delivered in approved Type B (U) transport packaging.

Delivery contents:

  • instructions
  • dosimetry protocol
  • certificate of radioactive source (s) with leak test
  • certificate of special form radioactive material
  • 2 irradiation canisters

The operation is comfortable and takes place exclusively via a touch screen. This allows the direct selection of irradiation programs in a simple manner. The touch screen enables the user to track all data and information related to the irradiation process.

Installation, including dosimetry, is performed by authorized service technicians. To set up the device, a room size of at least 2 m x 2 m is required.

Product return
As part of the new delivery, the device withdrawal is possible on request.


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X-BEAM is an X-ray irradiation device specifically designed to prevent transfusion-associated graft-versus-host disease (GvHD), a rare but often fatal reaction caused by the donor's lymphocyte T if they recipients are transplanted into a transplanted blood product together with a transfused blood product.

Application areas:

  • Cells and tissues
  • Bone marrow ablation on laboratory animals
  • other general research purposes

X-BEAM comes standard with a computer with a wide touchscreen display for complete handling, recording and data transfer of each irradiation lot. The optional barcode reader, along with the optional label printer, provides full traceability by providing a complete list of information for each individual bag ID: ID bag, lot number, ID operator, device serial number, date and time, irradiation time, estimated dose, Temperature of the chamber, voltage and current of the generator, possible alarms, X-ray stop and, if available, its duration.

To prevent accidental double irradiation of an already irradiated bag, the system includes a safety logic that automatically compares each new ID bag to the bags stored in its database. If the system detects an attempt to "false duplicate record processing" of an existing badge, an ALARM is issued and a message is displayed: "WARNING! Barcode already available! ".
Standard data transfer occurs via USB or Ethernet by providing a comma-separated file (xxx.csv). In addition to the irradiation data, X-BEAM generates an exportable LOG file with the registration of all events and the change made to the machine parameters, specifying who did this.
In the X-ray irradiation chamber is by default a useful rotation system for blood bags. Such a system comprises two types of plastic canisters with 3 and 4 sectors suitable for different bag volumes, up to six bags and up to 1,800 ml total volume to be treated simultaneously.

The required X-ray dose can be easily programmed by setting fewer operating parameters. These settings will display the estimated dose on the screen. As soon as the irradiation starts, a moving colored bar also indicates the elapsed time.

Together with the X-BEAM, a software is provided, which is able to generate a PDF file and a Treatments.csv file that are useful for possible external interfaces or even for simple storage of classified electronic data. The software allows the application of some filters based on the interval date, last day, badge or cycle number. The report shown in Figure 4 contains the filter by date interval. The generated report is based on a template, so the name of the institution, the address and the signature name can be personalized.

X-BEAM Data Sheet