Laboratory Irradiation


The irradiation device GSR D1 is the optimal solution for gamma irradiation in research. A 64-liter irradiation volume combined with a low surface dose rate provides effectiveness and safety for your laboratory.

Irradiation chamber
The dimensions of the irradiation chamber of 400 x 400 x 400 mm in combination with three irradiation levels allow a variable positioning of the irradiation object. The GSR D1 has media feedthroughs into the irradiation chamber.

Dose rate
The activity of the radiation sources and thus the dose rate can be adjusted according to the specifications of the user. A dose difference of less than 10% can be realized on the second irradiation level.

The user-friendly operation of the GSR D1 is achieved by the high quality of the reliable components and the comprehensive safety system. The current operating status is shown in the display.

Radiation protection
The self-shielding gamma irradiation devices GSR D1 have a surface dose rate of less than 5 μSv / h.

Security features

  • Operation with a key switch
  • Continuation of the irradiation in case of power failure up to 300 minutes
  • Independent locking of the radiation chamber door
  • Continuous monitoring and control of the device before and during the irradiation

Product return
As part of the new delivery, the device withdrawal is possible on request.


GSR D1 Data Sheet

GSR D1 Installation Note